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Luxury Problems

You know you shouldn't complain...but you will.

Luxury Problems - we all got 'em.
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According to Oxfam America, problems in the distribution of food, education, and resources mean that:

*Right now, 115 million children in the world can't go to primary school. School fees are one of the many obstacles denying children in developing countries a basic education-and locking them into a cycle of poverty.

*Millions of farmers are deprived of the resources they need to survive, including land, water, credit, and access to markets for their goods.

*Millions die each year from conflict-related hunger and disease.

*Worldwide, there are about 20 million people displaced by war and humanitarian emergencies.

*Millions of farmers, laborers, and factory workers are affected by the unfair rules of world trade. High tariffs, subsidies, and bans on certain imports are often insurmountable barriers to people trying to break the cycle of poverty.

Yet, you're still pissed off that the barista screwed up your double-shot-espresso-skim-sugarfree-vanilla order this morning, aren't you?

Sure you are!

Well, then. Here's a community where you can share those guilty feelings about the piddly little crap that, in the grand scheme of things, shouldn't grate your cheese. Yet, you cannot help yourself! With the full knowledge that you will probably go to Hell if you complain about the wait to pick up a fully-insured prescription for the sniffles, the fancy-pants health food store running out of your favorite baked good, the cable TV going down at exactly the same time your favorite show is on, parking, disappointing Christmas presents, or the exorbitant cost of bottled water at rock concerts these days...you do anyway.

The luxury problems don't have to necessarily be your own for you to post them, either! If you want to link to someone else's tale of woe (such that it may be) or transcribe conversations overheard at the office, by all means, go ahead.

As moderator, I'm still playing things fast and loose as the community develops. A few ground rules for starters:

1. Be nice. Nobody's here to judge anyone else.

2. Flame wars and abusive language toward other community members will not be tolerated. You and your comments will go bye-bye if that happens.

3. This community wasn't established to make light of true tragedy, human rights violations, basic needs going unmet, and the like. We all KNOW that these things exist - and that's why we feel badly that we're impatient about waiting 45 minutes to be seated at a favorite eatery when millions of people don't even have access to clean drinking water.

4. Posts and comments will be taken down should the moderator deem any content inappropriate.

5. Only community members can post and/or comment.

Any issues, let me know. Otherwise, vent to your heart's content.